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Stainless Steel Pocket Flask

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This stainless steel hip flask is easy to carry and take your favorite wine with you wherever you go. Made of the durable stainless steel material, this hip liquor flask is ideal for carrying your favorite wine, like whisky, vodka and so on. Comes with a screw top cover with holder, so that you can't loose after you open it.

Features: Bottle Material: Stainless Steel, Cap Material: Plastic, Color: Silver


  • 4oz(7.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)
  • 5oz(9.7cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)
  • 6oz(10.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)
  • 7oz(12.2cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)
  • 8oz(13.8cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)
  • 10oz(16cmx9.3cmx2.2cm)

Package includes: 1 x Stainless Steel Liquor Hip Flask(without retail package), 1 x Funnel

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