Magnesium Flint Fire Starter

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When it comes to making fire, a disposable lighter will come into your mind at first. However, lighters and matchsticks are vulnerable to wind and rain in severe weather. A Magnesium Flint Fire Starter Lighter, which is the most primitive tool to make fire, is the most reliable way to make fire in outdoor activities. 

How to use:
Step 1: Scrape tool with any knife (or sharp object, like a rock) to create small magnesium shavings
Step 2: Accumulate magnesium shavings into as small pile and place next to tinder (paper, leaves, small twig, bark, etc)
Step 3: Ignite shavings with built-in sparking insert.

Material: metal, magnesium, etc. Magnesium rod diameter: 8 mm Length: about 11.5 cm
Size; 3" (L) x 1" (W) x 0.3" (Thickness), Package Include: 1 x Magnesium block fire starter

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