Portable Folding Solar Panel Charger

Portable Folding Solar Panel Charger

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Where there is sunlight, there is power!

This compact solar panel fits easily into most backpacks, powers your outdoor life and keeps you connected during emergency situations.

Attach this solar folding charger to almost anything and enjoy the full battery life of your devices such as cameras, phones & media players.

This Foldable Solar Panel is lightweight, durable and extremely portable.

  • USB Output for charging Mobile Devices and Phones
  • Water Resistant design
  • Ultra Compact Design with well-placed eyeholes for easy attaching to backpacks.
  • Perfect for hiking, camping or during emergencies when the power is out.
  • Made with high powered monocrystalline solar technology.
  • Suitable for: Cell Phones / Digital camera / MP3 / MP4 /for PDA / GPS etc


* Peak power:7W Max
* Output Interface: USB female socket
* Material: PET fabricated fabric+waterproof PVC
* Output Voltage: 5-5.5V
* Output Current:1000mA Max
* Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency: 15%
* Size:
--Folding size:193x110x27mm
--Opened size:510x194x3mm
* Color: Black, Green Camouflage
* Weight:0.3KG
* Suitable for: Cell Phones / Digital camera / MP3 / MP4 / PDA / GPS etc
Package includes: 1 × 7W 5.5V Solar Panel


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