Our Happy Customers

Please find below some testimonials of happy customers on our Facebook page

  • Received my shipment and wow so happy. Talk about a fast and properly packaged delivery . Cheers I'll spread the word. Send me a big discount code and I will tell the world lol but seriously I am so happy with this transaction start to finish I truly can't wait to order again and again. Cheers Brandon C

  • Trent N: Breach gloves. Usually around 70 bucks. Good quality, that's a steal of a price.


  • Stephen R: I just got mine. These are way better then I thought the would be

  • David J: Bought a pair of green ones. After a week they are holding up very well and those hardened knuckle protectors seem pretty solid. Wrap-around velcro wrist securement.

  • Sean G: Bought a pair in OD for myself to try. Happy with the product in every aspect, ordered two pairs for my Son whom is a mechanic in the USMC

  • Robert E: I have one...... My little Phoenix .25 fits in it perfectly along with my cell phone and two magazines !

  • Joe R: Got one the other day! Great for side pocket on kaeate belt for seminars or tournaments!

  • Michael L: Good just got mind. Love in

  • Edward S: Received mine today. First off it is very well constructed and will take extreme rough treatment. Two zipper pockets with an internal pocket. Then multiple external pockets. Two belt loop methods for carrying. I think it is a good value.